I’m an artist.  As soon as the website launches you will see a variety of art works and projects in the Art Section of my portfolio.

I’m a graphic designer.  I’ll show you ad designs, custom logos, catalogs and more in the Graphic Design Section of my portfolio.

I’m a web designer.  In the Web Design section of my portfolio you will see a few examples of websites I have built recently.

  • Learn WordPress: Create Pages and Menus
    Learn WordPress Series: Create Pages and Menus

    How to Create Pages and Menus in WordPress Creating pages is very similar to creating a post. There are a few differences though. Below is another great video I found that will show you how to create a page. It gives you a little more......

  • Creating posts
    Learn WordPress Series: Creating Posts

    Creating Posts in WordPress Since WordPress originated as a blogging platform for non-coders, the software is fairly simple to use when creating posts and pages.  The processes of creating a post or page is similar too, with minor differences.  In this article, we will look......

  • WordPress
    Learn WordPress Series: Getting to Know WordPress

    The Learn WordPress series is dedicated to the Web IV class at Sullivan College of Technology and Design. However, if you stumble across these Lessons and want to know more about WordPress, by my guest. Each week new posts will be published displaying step-by-step processes,......

  • Installing WordPress
    Learn WordPress Series: Installing WordPress

    Installing WordPress these days is fairly simple.  Most hosts that offer managed hosting have a “1-click install” or Auto-installer making it very easy to start using the WordPress software to build your own website.  This will also allow you to have more flexibility with features,......

Need custom graphic or web design work before my site launches?  Contact me below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks!