About Me & My World | Tiffany Zink: Visual Artist & Designer
web designer, graphic designer, visual artist, Louisville, KY, UX, UI, user experience, user interface, advertising, marketing
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That’s me! This was the most recent picture I could find.  I thought the perspective was an interesting touch to the site layout on desktop and mobile.  Plus, I’m in my favorite place, 21C Museum & Hotel, located near my home in Louisville, KY. As you can see, I was there during coffee hours and probably needed some more sleep because in the picture, I look tired.  My friend from Taiwan was in town and had never been to 21C before, so there we were.  In that picture, she ambushed me and took the picture when I turned around.  At that moment, I was begging her to not take the picture, but she did anyway; and then tagged me on Facebook.  So I figured why not use this picture, that’s already out there on Facebook, but also a picture that has a good experience attached to it. Much of my artwork represents the preservation of memorable experiences through documentation of the process.  The beauty is found in the process and is what I’m attracted to most; the final result is beautiful because of the process and it’s history.


I initially thought my design work took a different approach, but I’m realizing that methodology is my strength.  As my work started transitioning from print to web, so did my understanding of where I fit in the industry.  As versatile as I have made myself, through art and design; it was difficult trying to pin-point my niche.  I love layout and typography, so I thought the publication industry was for me, but then I figure out web.  Once I had web design down, that seemed to be majority of my freelance work.  I also had two failed start up attempts to introduce me to user-centered design, app design and eCommerce.  From then on, I was hooked on the startup craze.  I invested a lot of time into marketing, industry and consumer research that provided me on a lot of knowledge that is required for good, user-centered experiences.  I love to research; that is also my strength.


It seems the work I create is evolving quickly and so is the industry with a flux of new jobs for those who love concept design and excel at research.  They are now called user experience designers.  Now I am able to see the big picture; my background and evolution being a design educator, I can safely say my next transition will be UX/UI design.  Whether I get into graduate school or not, that will happen.  They have finally created the perfect job for someone like me.


Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA)

Graduated in 2009, with a degree in Glass and minor in Ceramics.
Cleveland Institute of Art

Their mission:

To nurture the intellectual, artistic, and professional development of students and community members through rigorous visual arts and design education.

Sullivan College of Technology & Design (SCTD)

Graduated in 2012, with a degree in Computer Graphic Design.

Their mission:

To train students for secure and financially rewarding careers, to help them attain growth within these positions and to benefit society with the skills developed at the college.