Adobe CC Personality Illustrations | Visual Art and Design | Tiffany Zink
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About the Project

This series started out as an inside joke with my Multimedia class. We were making fun of Edge Animate because of how much it was crashing right at the end of its existence in the Adobe CC world. It was happening so much that it was beyond frustrating for my students and myself. We developed the “all you can do is laugh about it and try your best” mentality. I give credit to my multimedia students for helping me brainstorm different personalities. In the end, the result is my interpretation, but the concept collaboration made the overall experience. To best illustrate my process, I thought I would show my Adobe Muse interpretation that I haven’t finished yet. My illustration process is not complicated, but the style relates to past pen and ink drawings/sketches I used to make. The outlining of shadows and different values is what I used to put down on paper. I’m slowly trying to develop and marry the two processes “pen & ink” and “digital” illustration, so that I can best identify my digital illustration style. For these illustrations, I find images that best reflect the personality or character I was envisioning. Since my freelance has transitioned to mainly web projects over the years, I have a strong belief that knowing how to code or building a website start to finish, will add versatility to your skill set. I envision Muse CC’s personality as having an “I don’t need to know code” attitude. Therefore, I found the above image and started blocking out different values. Eventually, I will achieve a similar result to the others found on the next page. 1. “Vector Queen” Icon Illustration I’ve always gravitated towards Illustrator, ever since I started designing digitally. I don’t like being restricted by resolution, amongst other reasons for not being a complete fan of Photoshop. It is not my strongest skill either, so I imagine if Photoshop were a personality (or character), he would be bowing down to Illustrator, almost like her slave. 2. “I’m a Couch Potato” Icon Illustration This concept is where it all started. When Edge kept crashing, and having an “operation meltdown” more frequently, the idea that Edge Animate CC would be a couch potato was created. The inside joke was if you tell Edge to do too many things at once, depending his mood, he would let you know when he feels like working again. Thankfully Animate CC was released! I have small animations I created for an #AdobeGenPro class. If you would like to check those out, please visit my Vimeo channel. 3. “La De DA, I do Web Stuff” Icon Illustration This was my best interpretation of Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver does it all, reads all coding languages and can create basically whatever you want. However, it honestly isn’t my personal choice for a web software. I can build a site with Dreamweaver, but I prefer WordPress for web clients and myself. For me, WordPress is more efficient and my web clients prefer it, for the accessibility and control of their own website. 4. “World’s Best Boss” Icon Illustration InDesign interpretation is Steve Carell from The Office. I absolutely loved that show and Steve Carell’s character. I find InDesign has this “I work too hard and care too much” attitude and that his character really would think he’s the “World’s Best Boss”. In reality, unless you’re on low performance display, InDesign can lag if it has to create a large, intricate document (much like Michael Scott). This series is meant to be fun and humorous. It is based on my experiences with the programs and other skill sets I have achieved over the years.

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About This Project