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About the Project

Cabin Hollow Metal Art is located in Somerset, KY. He is a sole proprietor that is a metal artist who sells his artwork on multiple eCommerce websites. He posted a publication job to create a catalog that included all his products in one place. He requested 3,000 copies and needed it to be compliant with mailing regulations with the intent to direct-mail to his customers. I researched numerous companies that could fulfill the large order at a reasonable price with certain specifications needed to mail the product. I decided that Print Pelican would be the most affordable, best quality option for this project based on size, cost and print quality. Then I designed multiple layout options for the cover and product pages. The products had to be organized and evaluated from multiple websites like Etsy, Artfire and other artist/craft based commerce sites. When the layout options were sketched and mocked up for the client, I submitted the quote. It was quickly approved and the execution process began. First, I created the catalog template using Adobe InDesign CS6 and then started gathering the project’s assets, photos, summaries and prices of the inventory for completing the catalog project. He requested a full color, glossy coated paper for the covers and black and white pages on the inside to keep costs down. The order was white-label shipped to the client. He was satisfied with the product and depending on sales, stated that he would be a returning customer. Overall, the project was successful, the client was happy and I made my first paycheck as a graphic designer; paving the way for a new life after a second graduation and change of industry from freelancing visual art to design.

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About This Project