COMPOZ Radio and Marketplace (Startup) | Tiffany Zink
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About the Project

COMPOZ Radio & Marketplace (COMPOZ), formally known as COMPOZ.ME LLC, was an online establishment between two business partners, Tiffany Zink and Joshua Dorenkamp. This project evolved over a year and a half until it fell through before the Alpha launch. It was marketed and advertised through social media, promoting and hosting music events in the local community, in hopes to help independent music artists market their work. The overall concept and business model for COMPOZ was to establish an online platform strictly for independent artists to market and sell their music through radio, advertisements and a marketplace. The artists, or users, would have their own profile, create their own activity and COMPOZ experience and there would be an algorithm defined by their user activity, engagement and marketability of their product. The business model was to establish a main revenue source for passive income through uploads, downloads and other tangible digital products. The examples shown in this article reflect the variety of skills, research and knowledge that Tiffany Zink acquired. She developed a higher understanding for social media design, online marketing, search engine optimization, user experience, ecommerce and numerous frameworks, like Cake, that are flexible enough to handle the continuous growth that was projected. Tiffany was not a web developer and still will not claim to be one, but the knowledge and understanding of what certain frameworks and module based content management systems could potentially make or break the company’s success was apparent enough that a web developer was a must for this startup to function and succeed. Josh was the web developer and Tiffany was pretty much everything else. They attempted to add team members, but without startup capital to pay for timely investment, these numbers quickly faded. One of the main reasons why the startup failed was because of the lack of start up capital. Tiffany was handling a pre-launch campaign without a product and Josh was offered his dream job at a respectable company that would’ve been a shame to turn down. The advertisements, images, and screenshots are from the long hours of research, marketing and advertising overtime. The amount of methods and brainstorming that occurred cannot be given justice in this article, but understand that a lot of time was involved with researching, brainstorming and sketching wireframes, usability diagrams, brand icons, logo and numerous advertising layouts that were used on Google Adsense, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms. COMPOZ was designed to eventually turn to allow for a global market. The logistics of multiple currencies, gateway compatibilities and sufficient distribution of commissions and earnings was what held the company back from making the global jump. They would market and try to get a fan base in other countries, but their services would only be offered in the United States and territories that accept the US Dollar. Anyone could purchase music, but they would have to do so using our desired payment gateway and currency choice. The website would market to not only independent artists of all genres, but record labels, venues, general music fans and fans of the artists, designers, photographers and any other secondary industry that would benefit from searching our database of indie artists. The pre-launch campaign was a success. Many interested artists, venues and general music fans could not wait for the Beta release. People were hyped about this new hybrid of Pandora, Etsy and CD Baby. It competed with all major music streaming companies and had a much higher target population. If there were cheaper alternatives to distributing and marketing one’s music, independent artists will run with it, in hopes to catch that big break. Tiffany and Josh wanted to make that happen for them, using their knowledge and skills to design a site that would eventually run itself.

Graphic Design, Web Design
About This Project