Louisville Magazine Graphic Design Internship | Tiffany Zink
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About the Project

Louisville Magazine is one of the leading publications in Louisville, KY. This monthly publication covers Louisville people, lifestyles, politics, sports, restaurants, entertainment and homes. Their online version, Louisville.com, showcases a wide variety of interactive media and articles, covering the same content (if not more) as the printed version. The internship that used to be offered in 2012, was an exciting opportunity to have your work published and viewed by thousands. The job description as a Graphic Design intern was to create advertisements intended to be published in Louisville Magazine and web advertisements intended to display on Louisville.com. For Louisville Magazine, I had to do several tasks that were published. Most were production based, but for a few I could incorporate some creativity. The advertisements I’ve shown are the ones that I was allotted creative freedom; a full page in-house advertisement and a quarter-page ad. The other tasks that were more production based were to add logos to event advertisements, layout the “Best of Louisville” awards and identically format the menus for the award-winning restaurants that were published as well. For Louisville.com, I would create a package of three common web advertisement dimensions; a large square, skyscraper and leaderboard. These advertisements were seen by thousands of readers from Louisville Magazine. The baby Boomer generation was their highest population of readers, but they are one of the largest magazines in Louisville. They had thousands of viewers online, as well. Readers that wanted instant information without having to pick up a printed copy from the store. The intended outcome of any internship is to create work for your portfolio, gain experience in the field and hope to get hired, even though that is known to not always happen. I came close, but honestly, I figured out I wasn’t cut out for it at the time. I did, however, have an amazing experience and learned a lot about myself and the industry. I was also able to have work published in a major local publication and add more work to my portfolio so overall the internship was a great success.

Graphic Design
About This Project