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About the Project

My brand has evolved over the years as I learn new skills and build on previous ones. I have also gone through a major progression focusing on one medium to the next, which has led me to applying for my Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.). Starting back at Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA), I have continuously branded myself as an artist, evolving within the art and design industry. When I decided to commit to applying for my M.F.A., I knew I needed a new brand image to represent who I am today, as a visual artist and designer. Between 2009-2017, I have been actively participating in various methodologies, applications and side projects to work through developing my brand. I started out thinking about windows, glass and how to combine my passions for art and design. As my skills evolved to include web design, I started simplifying my logo and brand. I went through several rounds to figure out exactly how I should design my self-promotion, logo and overall portfolio submission to Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Intentionally, I wanted to showcase my portfolio projects individually, but in overall concept, have the option of viewing the whole portfolio as one cohesive entity. Initially, I started brainstorming focus words. Many came to mind; Zen, minimalist, paper, typography and then through the numerous rounds of adding and subtracting from my identity concepts, it has evolved to “ink on paper”. This idea references a variety of concepts that relate to who I am, visual and personal. The “ink on paper” concept relates to my obsession for paper of all kinds, my passion for visual art and design, sketching and methodologies. It also reflects my rebellious side, love for street art and the canvas strike I went through during my Painting foundation course at CIA (I would only paint with ink on paper. Still received an A in the class based on my defense, but graphic and web design have taught me to be focused more on user-centered research than designing based on my opinions. The signature used for my logo signifies a woman branding herself in a technological world. As women, it is traditional to change your last name if you’re married. The older I get, the more my friends are tying the knot. Not that I’m married, or will be anytime soon; the process of rebranding myself encouraged further conceptual research for branding a woman in technology. Using a signature, communicates the concept of identity relating to the overall purpose of branding. It is not my real signature, however, but a pen name for myself in the industry. Using the idea of a brand as a pen name is where the evolution of the entire identity took place.

Graphic Design
About This Project