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About the Project

We see typography everywhere. If you are a designer, typography can control your life and everyday decisions based on the communication channel. That is the overall concept for Brackets Magazine. It relates typography and the media communications controlling our society. This project was self-initiated and a major passion for typography and found the execution of a magazine was the perfect vehicle to highlight typography trends across multiple media platforms. Magazines have evolved over the years, and I feel I have taken a similar journey. This publication was developed and designed for my Master of Fine Arts application guidelines; stating I need a 3,000-word document. I felt a typography magazine was a perfect way to execute the skills and knowledge requested for displaying a large-format publication eluding to my overall understanding of typography and graphic design in its current context; based on current design trends and media platforms. The intention of the Brackets brand was to create a vehicle for the language, layout and style-standards that keep a publication cohesive and easy to navigate. Initially, I brainstormed words and ideologies that would convey arbitrary signs for the brand and overall content. Research conducted on ideologies of punctuation and its cultural context displayed relationships between punctuation and the overall subject of all content within the publication. There are varieties of methods conducted to finalize the brand and layout structure. I always start with brainstorming any solutions that come to mind. I start to edit and narrow down connections to find the most relevant or dominant. Then, I begin to mind map. For this publication, I conducted several maps for different punctuations and their paradigmatic relations of signs and inner content, context and cultural input. For example, the USA and UK display the concept parenthesis differently. In the UK, square brackets represent parenthesis, whereas the US represents parenthesis with round brackets. The final connections made for the publication’s brand were Brackets. Brackets as punctuation, serve as an umbrella for a variety of signs that represent enclosures, emphasis and separations of content depending on the context. Typography is an umbrella for different communication channels, like punctuation symbols and meaning. New standards are established to improve readability, legibility, and techniques applied for multiple media platforms, such as web and mobile applications. I chose articles written by influences from various sites, like Creative Market and other design blogs. They are blog articles shared with the public so I felt they would make interesting articles for a publication about typography. The intended audience is a two-part answer. If Brackets Magazine were published and distributed on the stands, the intended audience would be graphic artists, web designers, experience designers and type designers. I intentionally made this project for my graduate application to meet the 3,000-word document requirement needed for acceptance into the M.F.A. Program. For this project, I intended to create a vehicle for displaying research on typography techniques, methods and use of typography as a communication tool for global content and media platforms that are used today. This project was developed to demonstrate my skills and show the latter part of my skillset evolution; showcasing my knowledge and overall understanding of typography as a vehicle for communication. Designing the publication was fun and I think this project shows evidence of my passions and relates to my progression as a designer.

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About This Project