Brecher's Lighting: Print and Folder Design | Tiffany Zink
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Folder Packaging Assembled
About the Project

Brecher’s Lighting is one of the oldest lighting companies in Kentucky; located in both Louisville and Lexington, they sell a variety of lighting for residential homes. Their warehouse in Lexington is the largest in Kentucky as well. This project was offered through the Graphic Design course as part of the curriculum and showcased in my A.A.S. Portfolio. Initially, when the project guidelines were presented we were told to choose a local company to design a folder package that included numerous marketing products. These products included three inserts, two flyers (one color and full color), a postcard, tri-fold brochure and a business card. The folder had to be printed and assembled, along with the required materials printed and included in the folder for final delivery. Having a glass background, I am naturally attracted to lighting forms and fixtures. I knew right away that these forms could somehow inform the non-traditional folder concept I had brainstormed. The chandelier and Tiffany shaped table lamps attracted me the most for their similar, but significantly different contour shapes. Multiple rounds of layout and presentation sketches were conducted to relate those shapes to the folds and flaps of the folder design. The typography decisions for using a serif related to the logo and historical context of the company. The layout design is influenced by lighting fixtures from the flaps, folds and dye-cuts that were created in the promotional materials. I wanted the presentation to stand out, like the company’s overall inventory and local brand image. The intended audience and target market were current customers and potential leads for the company. The marketing materials and inserts showcased promotions, services and information about the company and company’s history in Kentucky. In the end, for my final deliverables I wanted to showcase innovation, creativity and overall complexity of conceptual and critical thinking. I also wanted to demonstrate my layout skills when designing marketing materials that are compliant with the specifications defined for the project. This project fueled more exploration of packaging design, layout and typography.

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About This Project