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About the Project

Compoz Studio was a local Louisville, KY business that used a drop shipping model for custom merchandise, marketing to the food and hospitality industry. This product catalog displays items that could be personalized and customized for a company or individual. The catalog is a visual representation of the products Compoz Studio offers to help account representatives with their direct sales. It is categorized by type of product and promoted events. Distributing the catalog seasonally provided an opportunity to promote products for numerous events throughout the year. This project was created during the Fall and products were related to winter events. New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl are heavily marketed events. The catalog showcased great products that were offered to promote the souvenir marketing model. Many bar establishments in Louisville support certain professional NFL teams because Kentucky is NCAA exclusive. These were perfect opportunities for promoting events like the Super Bowl because these venues have purchased the rights to sell NFL branded merchandise. Highest ROI was projected to come from custom glassware. The upsell would be to offer the custom glassware as a souvenir and upcharge the price per drink. Louisville’s economy thrives on the food and hospitality industry so marketing efforts were directed towards this target audience.

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About This Project