Inner Conservation: BFA Thesis Exhibition | Visual Art and Design
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Artist Statement

The compelling nature of urban decay inspires my work. This inspiration is based off investigations and exploration of my surrounding decayed environment, in this case inner- city Cleveland. Found objects from dilapidated buildings throughout the city are used primarily throughout this mixed media installation and I used glass as a method of preservation. I created sand casted glass bricks to reference a brick found in the locations where I discovered the found objects. The objects are preserved within the sand casted bricks that are used to create the structure. Documentation of the found objects, records the history and process of creating the structure and where the objects were located. Using still life imagery to record this history portrays a narrative of the materials used in creating the structure, which I use as a metaphor for memory. The audio played throughout the installation relates to the experiences reflected in the documentation and investigations. I have recorded different occurrences in the surrounding areas of the buildings I chose to document. There are also recordings from being inside the buildings, driving to and from destinations, trains, highway noise, and conversations made about the structure all composed into one audio track. I want the viewer to have their own experience when exploring the installation based off my investigations of Cleveland’s decayed environments.

About This Project