TAXI Cabernet Mini Wine Bottle Packaging Design | Tiffany Zink
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About the Project

The project was a team effort amongst three students in the Graphic Design department at Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD). Myself and two other classmates were involved in creating a brand for a product with the intentions of designing a Point-of-Purchase display. I oversaw the packaging design; layout and assemblage. The other team members were required to create the logo, brand image and a poster advertisement that was cohesive with the overall branding of the product line and company. The initial concept was to target the wine industry and create a six pack of cabernet. Generally, they are sold in packs of four, so I had to manipulate the layout of the packaging to fit a pack of six. Through multiple sketches, taking measurements and manipulating several mock-ups, I was able to create a mini six pack for mini wine bottles. The challenge then, was to figure out an interesting layout that captured the Taxi CABernet target audience, market and create a design on brand, that would stand out amongst all of the other mini wine bottle displays. Since it was a point-of-purchase display, the design needed to be eye-catching from all angles and have the power and stage presence needed for a POP display’s effectiveness. The overall concept for the design of the packaging revolved around the aesthetic found within urban environments. The word “TAXI” was chosen for texture in the background of the large blocks of color seen throughout the packaging. This texture represented the overseen sky view image of taxis grid-locked in the streets of New York City. The black and white image of the front and the back of a taxi on the ends of the six pack was used to represent the concept of the box as a vehicle for mini bottles of wine, much like a taxi is a vehicle used frequently to transport people who like to drink alcohol. The color choices were chosen to reflect the taxi yellow and serve the purpose of creating eye-catching contrast needed for a POP display. The team developed the concept for millennial wine-o’s living in large, urban cities. My team member and I, both recently moved from a larger city environment than Louisville and were still in culture shock. That is where a lot of the inspiration for the demographic and target market derived from. In the college days, my classmates and I loved boxed wine. However, as we grew older, we favored the sophistication of bottled imports. The mentality mixture of cheap, bottled wine with the intent for portable options that are useful when attending an in-house get-together was the drive behind TAXI CABernet’s packaging. The ideology of the taxi cab signifies the concept of transportation, mobility, mobile advertising and a vehicle for solving a lack of portable wine options. These concepts relate to the creative branding of the bottled import and IPA beer industry that is common amongst the intended demographic. Creating a six pack of inexpensive cabernet became the overall solution for this cultural and societal need for portable wine options. There are four packs available, however, sometimes that’s just not enough for the average wine-o.

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About This Project