Tragedy is Art | Photography Series by Tiffany Zink
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About This Project

Tragedy is Art Series explains how good things can come from tragedy.  The story behind these photographs is….

“I used to do urban exploration and document abandoned buildings in the Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs.  This was before the DSLR cameras, when you had to develop throw away kodaks.  These images had been developed and were laying on my coffee table when I went out of town for a glass workshop.  A friend of mine was teaching in Cleveland that week so I let her house sit.  Well…she accidentally set my apartment on fire (her brand new Apple laptop overheated and set my mattress on fire).  The sprinkler system in these apartments were amazing so they pounded away at these photographs.  When I came back to assess the damages, I found these pictures I had taken, with beautiful color renditions that were not found in the original photograph.  From the chemicals, to heat, to excessive water and time; this beautiful accident developed from an extreme tragedy.  These beautiful accidents actually helped me cope and come to terms with the tragedy that fires cause.”

These photographs would not be as special if they did not go through this process and because of that; I decided to create digital prints to celebrate the beautiful things in life, regardless of the situation.

These prints have been showed at the September Art Fair at Mellwood Art Center and Sunergos Coffee House in 2012.  At the September Art Fair, I brought the original photographs from the fire for viewers to see, feel and smell.  These authentic originals truly show the beauty that came away from the tragedy that happened.