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About This Project

About the Project

Upward Aircraft Sales (UAS) were established in 2016 as an aircraft brokerage company. I was approached for front-end design because their business model was based on their website. After the initial meeting, I developed a client brief based on my knowledge and their desired result. During this meeting I found out they needed a website that would be easy for them to update and they requested that I establish their social media presence by design their Facebook page to increase awareness of their brand. Based on the three main tasks, I figured out that they did not have web hosting and a domain, they were not very tech savvy and the website was their main channel for revenue. These were things to keep in mind when developing the site. I had to learn their target audience, market and usability market to figure out the best layout, implementation of graphics, color and form and create an easy navigation for all screen devices. This was before Google made it mandatory for your website to be responsive. At this point, companies were still building separate mobile sites by using subdomains and redirects. I knew I wanted to use WordPress because it has an easy interface for those who do not code. I offer one hour tutorial that is tailored to clients needs. In their case, they wanted to change prices, pictures and information on their current advertisements they had listed. I could give them administrative rights to their website so they felt in control and a tutorial on how to customize their site if needed. I am remotely able to conduct maintenance to the site anywhere I have an internet connection, making this plan great for accessibility and efficiency purposes. They did not know computers, but they knew how they wanted their website to look. They had already completed wireframes of the desired appearance and functionality of their site. This determined that I was being hired to do front-end development. It was their design; I just developed the project to specifications defined by the client. Their audience is private aircraft enthusiasts from all over the United States. The aircraft that is advertised range from $18,000-260,000. The aircraft are usually hangered at private, smaller airports located in both urban and rural environments. Overall, I intentionally wanted to build my client a functioning website, whose design and specifications were defined by the client, allowing them the capability to feel in full control of their websites outcome. Currently, I maintain and update their website monthly, continuously adding new aircraft requested by the client. When the web project began, the company was brand new and the website was their main source of funding, based on their business model. The goal was to create a successful functioning website that appealed to the private aircraft industry. Now the company is successfully selling aircraft monthly, utilizing the social media platforms and website that were all designed by the client's specifications.

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