Week 7 Reflection | Tiffany Zink
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Week 7 Reflection

This week’s reflection is going to reflect on learning throughout the entire course. These last seven weeks have made me look at design in a completely different way. It’s hard to pin point EVERYTHING I learned, because I feel like I absorbed a lot of information. My company started assigning me usability and UI redesign tasks over the last few weeks. I feel majority of this shift is due to what I have taken away from the course material and assignments we had. I know that we just scratched the surface in this class, but it did help me understand a few processes that I could apply at work. The dialog and workflow assignments were perfect timing.

It’s fascinating to see the overlap of principles and theories, regardless of medium or industry. My favorite reading this course was Don Norman’s, Design of Everyday Things. That was the book that had me looking at EVERYTHING differently. It really had me looking at the glass industry differently, which is probably why it took me longer to get through it. I enjoyed Jeff Johnson’s book too. I especially enjoyed, the chapters talking about Fitt’s and Steering Laws, human behavior and reaction time tables, and the explanation on how reading is unnatural. Those ideas have stuck with me while I have been analyzing different interfaces lately.


Thank you for your time and feedback throughout the course. I appreciate it!


Norman, D.A. (2013). The design of everyday things: Revised and expanded edition. New York: Basic Books.

Johnson, J. (2014). Designing with the mind in mind, second edition: Simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines. Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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